PHARMASYR is licenced by Syrian Ministry of Health to manufacture human products.


  1. Production

    Solid dosage forms,

    Liquid dosage forms,

    + Powder for oral suspension,

    + Dietary supplements.

  2. Quality Control Laboratories (QC Labs.):

    Physical lab,

     Chemical lab,

    Microbial lab,

    Stability studies (long-term and accelerated).

  3. Quality Assurance (QA).
  4. Warehouses
  5. Maintenance.

Brief information on the firm:

PHARMASYR is a Syrian pharmaceutical company, licenced by Syrian Ministry of Health. It was established in 1990, and started production in 1994.

The factory is located in Ma’arret Seydnaya – Damascus countryside – Syria, about 30 km from Damascus, on a land of 16000 m2 (including premises of 6500 m2 approximately).

Headquarters of PHARMASYR is located at Baghdad street – Damascus.

Premises, manufacturing operations, quality control and other related activities carried out on the site are designed to meet the requirements of good manufacturing practices rules.

Personnel in PHARMASYR are high educated: pharmacists, chemists, engineers and technicians.

The products are distributed in local market and some of them are for export.


     ISO 9001 : 2000     ISO 14001 : 2004      OHSAS 18001    GMP


6Production Lines

Dosage Forms manufactured:

Tablets, coated tablets, capsules, powder for oral suspension, syrups and oral drops.

Short description of Quality Management System (QMS):

PHARMASYR has established and documented a quality management system, and has determined the needed processes and their implementation, sequence, acceptance criteria and effectiveness in this system.

PHARMASYR has been implementing, maintaining and improving QMS continuously according to ISO 9001 requirements to assure that products are continuously and consistently manufactured and controlled through all manufacturing steps to meet customer satisfaction and quality requirements.

The company provides necessary resources and information to support, control, measure and analyzes the processes; and to implements the necessary measures in order to reach the planned results and improve these processes.

The most important bases and elements which the quality management cares about, and depends on, to obtain a good product, are: quality assurance, good manufacturing practices, quality control, hygiene and sanitation, validation, self-inspection, customer complaints, personnel, premises, equipment, materials and documentation.